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Your time is valuable. Don't spend hours online or on hold trying to work out an issue when we can fix the problem in no time. Our services include:

Wireless network setup and security: We can implement wireless encryption and/or MAC address filtering to your wireless network elevating your level of security. Wireless encryption ensures that no one can steal your wireless connection, transfer viruses, or steal your data. We specialize in difficult wireless configurations that need wider than normal coverage or have dead zones.

Virus & Spyware: We make sure your anti-virus and mal-ware software are properly installed and correctly configured to give you complete protection. Viruses and spy-ware evolve hourly and only up to date signature files can give the best protection. If an infection does get through, we are prepared to isolate the problem and get you back up and running.

System Tuning: Sometimes a system tune-up can make a sluggish system perform like new again. System cleanups remove temporary files, junk files, old or unused applications, old cached files and log files. Memory settings and disk space are checked for problems. Performance software is installed and run. The hard drive is scanned for issues and reports are available to the customer.

System rebuilding: Occasionally the only way to get your system to perform like new is to rebuild it. We backup all your data using our 20 point checklist making sure we do not lose any of your data. The operating system is reloaded, all Microsoft patches applied, and your software and data are reloaded. After tuning the system to Westech specifications, your system will be running better than when it was when new.

Hardware upgrades: System upgrades are a cheaper alternative to buying a new system. Many times a system is undersized from the factory regarding memory or the size of the hard drive. Westech can increase the memory of your computer making a drastic performance improvement. We can also swap your hard drive for a new drive using duplication software to “xerox” your original drive onto a newer hard drive giving you more speed, disk space and performance.

Backup Solutions: Backups are an important part of any computer system or network. Westech has many different solutions for backing up your data. We can install an internal hard drive in your desktop which will give you the added capacity needed for backups and storage. We can install an external USB device on your system or network to back up your data and other computers on your network. There are programs that can be installed to run worry free backups.

Data Recovery: When there is a hardware failure, the initial thought is your data is gone. Before giving up and reformatting your drive, let Westech recover those files. We have specialized software that can scan the drive and rebuild your data bit by bit.

Pickup & Delivery: We are located in the Clinton area near the RT. 31 & 78 Interchange. We have easy access to major highways and can be at your site in minutes.

Westech has three options for scheduling service and repair work.

  • OSR - Onsite Repair
  • PRR - Pickup, Repair and Return
  • DAP - Dropoff and Pickup at Westech Offices

Recycling: Many folks just toss the systems in the trash or wait online all day once a year to dispose of there electronics. Two big reasons why this is a bad idea. If your data has not been properly wiped off the hard drive, it can be retrieved. Just by deleting files or formatting the drive does not completely remove your information. And secondly, technology waste is one of the fastest growing problem's we face on the planet. Westech offers pickup and dropoff services for your computers. We format with DoD compliant software making sure your data is unrecoverable.


Westech Computer Services is owned and operated by Andy West. We specialize in wireless networks, system and data recovery, system upgrades, data transfer, data backup solutions, virus and spyware removal, security issues, and software training. Located in the Clinton NJ area with easy access to I-78, Westech can be at your site in minutes for repair. pickup and delivery options are also available.

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"We've known and depended on Andy for years to help with installations, hardware issues, and a range of other services. Our staff has even recommended him to friends and family.

--MP, Annandale NJ