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About Us:

Westech Computers has been in business since 2002. We have helped thousands of customers with technology issues. Problems can be as simple as setting up a new email account and as complex and an expanded wireless network with dead zone issues. Hardware repairs can range from a cracked LCD screen on a laptop to recovering lost family photo's off a crashed hard drive.

My background includes working for AT&T, Lucent & IBM for 20 years. I started out on IBM mainframes transferring into a little known area of computers known as UNIX environment back in the 80's. Our department was associated with Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, inventors of the UNIX operating system.

From there I moved into Computer Center management and Helpdesk management. We ran a call center that was eventually moved to Boulder, Colorado supporting 1000’s of users across Bell Labs administration platforms.


Westech Computer Services is owned and operated by Andy West. We specialize in wireless networks, system and data recovery, system upgrades, data transfer, data backup solutions, virus and spyware removal, security issues, and software training. Located in the Clinton NJ area with easy access to I-78, Westech can be at your site in minutes for repair. pickup and delivery options are also available.

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"We've known and depended on Andy for years to help with installations, hardware issues, and a range of other services. Our staff has even recommended him to friends and family.

--MP, Annandale NJ